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Hiding Share (tell_friend) Icon from Linkbar and Separating Entry Icon from Entry Text

Hi, I've never posted on here before but I am wondering how to Hide the "Share" (tell_friend) Icon from Linkbar, it's the big plus sized icon and it only appears on the top entry for some reason:

 photo shareiconlinkbar_zpsfabf0dfb.png

Also, how do we separate the icon used for the entry away from the entry itself? Also, how do you change the font information for the date on the top entry? I was able to change it for every other entry but for some reason it had no effect on the top entry. The sticky post. Here's a screen shot of the icon NOT separated from the post and the date:

 photo entryexample_zpsdc5ce30a.png

Sorry if I this is posted wrong, just trying to learn new aspects of coding. Thank you! :)
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Ok, I'm no CSS expert...

...but I simply changed my sidebar from the right to the left and it doesn't appear 'wrong' when you go to read comments. The only problem is, I'd prefer my sidebar to be on the right. At this point (getting no real help from LiveJournal, as pasted below), I thought it was interesting and figured I should mention it here in case it might trigger an idea from someone who does know css. ;) I'm about ready to just try another layout if not just for a change, but I'm sure a 'fix' will come in time (from a helpful user, definitely not from LJ) and I still like component (when it's working right, of course). :P

This the code I changed to temporarily 'fix' my sidebar issue (chose 'left' instead of 'right'):

  # Right, left or none?
  set comp_state = "left";
The last contact from LiveJournal regarding my request for help with this issue (that I made on behalf of all users with this problem):
"Thank your for your report, and I apologize for the delay in responding to your request. Because of the complexity of your question, it took longer than normal to provide an answer. It appears that your custom theme layer contains code that is no longer compatible with recent changes to the Component layout layer.

Unfortunately, it is simply not possible for LiveJournal developers to test every possible combination of users' customizations for conflicts when making changes. You will need to either edit your current custom theme layer so that its code is compatible with the current Component layout or change to one of the system-provided Component themes, which you can then customize to your liking. You can change to one of the system-provided themes from the "Choose Journal Style" page here [].

If you prefer to edit your current theme layer, you can do so from the "Your Styles" page here [].

The FAQ linked above provides more information on how to use the Advanced Customization area."
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Aw, hell.

Took nearly a week for Livejournal to get back to my support request for the 'sudden' change to sidebars in August, but there remains no resolution. This was what I heard back:
"Thank you for your report, and I apologize for the delay in responding to your request. We've tested the base Component styles, and are unable to reproduce this problem; the customizations made to your style are causing this to occur.

Due to the number of requests received, LiveJournal support volunteers do not provide one-on-one customization assistance such as this. This FAQ located at [] links to various resources for customizing your journal.

If none of these sources help you, you will need to look to a CSS tutorial on the web for further information. Alternatively, you may wish to look for a community that offers one-on-one customization support. Information on finding communities can be found at []."

Well, as I didn't make any changes to my style to create this issue (and I responded to the 'support' as such), it seems to me that something within Livejournal suddenly changed when things got funky...yet it's up to us, the users, to figure it out. Nice.

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Hello? LJ? Bueller?

It's been over a month since the sidebar of component has been whacked OUT (pushed down under the entry when you go to comment), so how come there hasn't been a fix yet by LJ? This seems like a long time for this issue to go unaddressed (unless I missed something in the LJ 'news')...but still a long time for layouts to be messed up. I've had component since I started with LJ almost 7 years ago, it would be a bummer to have to change just because this issue never gets resolved.


eta: 9/13/12 I've opened an 'official' Support Request to LiveJournal regarding this issue. Hopefully it won't fall on deaf ears. @_@

Chemo-Sabe: Help Save Mike!

I posted a while back about my adventures in cancer treatment. Well, we've hit a snag. It's gone on longer than we had anticipated and we're moving into a new month of expenses. That means a new month of rent that we didn't plan for. Here's a post that I posted to my personal journal:
Surgeries are done! Yay! But we're not out of the woods yet! We don't have enough money to pay for our apartment rent for the month of May. May 1st is coming up very quickly and I'd like to have a home to come back to after I recover enough to survive a 3 hour car ride!

Please visit our blog for updates!

And remember... You Can't Stop The Signal!

A reach out for help

Hello. I'm kunzite1. I helped create this community back in the early days of LiveJournal. I have been absent from the community for quite some time and for that I do apologize. A lot has happened in my life and now I need your help. I realize that it is against common LJ courtesy to not <lj-cut> a long post, but this is important.

I married a wonderful woman back in September, just before my birthday, and we have landed in a tight spot. She's drafted a letter that I will enclose below.
To whom it may concern,

Hello, my name is ephyra_pixie, and I would like to tell you a little about myself. I'm 24 years old. I live in a tiny apartment with my wonderful husband. I love my family, and my family loves me, we even have a cat. I'm not working right now, nor am I going to college, but I will be doing both very soon if I can help it. I want to own my own home, and my own business someday. Sounds very average right? Apparently not.

Now I would like to tell you a little bit about my husband. He's a 28-year-old, tall, skinny, kinda nerdy looking guy who likes to play computer games. He's very fond of me, and is very supportive of the aforementioned dreams of going to college and being a small business owner.

In August of 2010 my then boyfriend (now husband) was diagnosed with stage 2 testicular cancer. At the time we were both working, I lost my job somewhere between planning a quick wedding, personal dental surgeries, and taking my husband to the doctor. His job is sitting very uselessly in limbo at the moment. I was let go, being as all the absences were not covered by FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act) as I had not been at my job very long. He could not go to work because if he wasn't recovering from a surgery, or chemotherapy, he was on so many chemicals he felt like he didn't know which way was up. Chemotherapy isn't any fun, I don't feel the need to elaborate on that.

After November of 2011, after dozens and dozens of phone calls, letters, emails and prayer, we were unable to keep up the insurance premiums, rent, car payments, and all the other bills. Until then I was able to make it work on a $500 a month budget, and whatever we had in savings, and borrowed from friends and family. We had finally run out of money. So now we don't have insurance. However, by some luck we were able to finish chemotherapy.

So here's the problem: Mike still needs a very expensive surgery, something to the tune of $100,000.00 and we don't have insurance. We currently live in the state of Oregon. Oregon Health Plan, right? Apparently not. We've applied for this coverage four times, and have been told he doesn't qualify four times.

However through this entire process, I have been been looking under every rock within eyesight for any kind of financial assistance. We have bad credit or no credit, so no loans or credit cards. We have contacted every agency anyone ever suggested and all that got us was a $100 gas card, and food stamps. (Just to weed out a couple of suggestions: I have called everyone, if you can find an agency I didn't contact I'll eat my freaking hat, O.K.?) Minus those two, we got a big fat stinking NO, or they were out of money, or we didn't qualify for a laundry list of stupid reasons (too young, too old, not a father, not terminal, not the right kind of cancer, we don't live in the right state, we haven't been poor long enough, not the right minority, that kind of stuff).

So here's my complaint, my issue, whatever. My husband is sick. Really, really sick. He will die if we don't take care of this. He doesn't have a toothache, he doesn't have a cold, we've been working through this for darn near 6 months, and he's not better yet. So, what would you do? How would you feel, if all you wanted to do was take care of someone you loved, and it felt like every bureaucratic bean counter didn't give a crap about your loved one because you were poor and normal. Well, that all being said, I care a lot about my husband, I would like to grow old with him, so would he.

So what are YOU gonna do about it? I just need enough of the right people to help, do what they advertise, fix my husband so he and I can go back to our jobs, and our lives, continue paying our taxes, and being productive members of society.

Thank you for reading this.
If you've read this far, thank you. If you can help with ideas, please comment below. If you can help with monetary donations, please send via PayPal to

Thank you for your time.
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Changing the color of the line underneath the entry title

Anyone can help me with this? :D I couldn't figure out how to change that annoying black line's color. It's a single component layout and the original codes I got are from starstring. Everything is perfect except for this line >:|

I tried editing these over and over again but no luck :| A few friends told me its the .medLine and .dkLine but no luck~ I even replaced the "background" to "color" but nothing changes either(except that it got even worse LOL). I've already made sure there's no border at the bottom of the subject too.
.medLine {background: #fc93bb !important;}
.dkLine {background: #f87ead !important;}
.ltLine {background: #fdabca !important;}

Any help is appreciated. Thank you very much~! ♥