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Rounded Comment Components

uniquewonders is my new hero. My issue is fixed.

I am building a new theme layer and am looking for a little help. I was looking through the past entries and the tutorials pages, but did not find anything like this. I was helped with this once before, but it no longer seems to work.

Take a look at this post, http://xdreamwalker.livejournal.com/121178.html?id=6330309. You will notice that I have the rounded components and the rounded entries. What I would like is that all of the boxes/components be rounded.
Under the entry there is the box that just says 'comments,' I want to round that one.
The 'Comment by mikko1283' box, I want to round that one.
The 'Thread started by Save the Pagan Babies,' I want to round that one.
The ' Comment by kell_bell4,' I want to round that one.
The '6 comments or leave xdreamwalker a comment,' I want to round that one.
Also, when I am logged in I get the 'Mass Action, Mass action on selected...' box that I would like to round.

Is what I am trying to do even possible? Well I know it is possible, because I had the comment box rounded at one point. Would something like this go in the 'function print_entry(Page...' ?

Important Info:
Theme Layer id: 6330309
Test Post: 121178

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