Миша Мазель (mazel) wrote in component_help,
Миша Мазель

Component Callendar

Sorry for my English!

I'm Just 2 dayse become paid mamber and try to ajust my LiveJournal to my website design.
Most of problem I'm already solved, but I cannot solve one.... CALLENDAR.

Plese, help me in this 3 problems:

1) I cannot finde real

function print_calendar(Page p)

For a little customizetion

All I have - here: http://cvs.livejournal.org/browse.cgi/ljcom/bin/upgrading/s2layers/component/layout.s2?rev=1.2

But after installing it in my custom theme - Callendar stoped working
I'm afraid that this link show to wrong function code....

May be somebody can give me link on rigt code of CALLENDAR componet function...

2) I have several records from 2024 - I did this for some INFORMATIONS for my new visitors be on top of my LJ...

As I see in code of Callendar it show LAST record not CURRENT Month -

var YearMonth m = $p->get_latest_month();
cud it be changed?

3) Every time after I choose month and dy, callendar return of last month....

May be it possible make hime to rember CURRENT selected month of shown now record?

Tnank You in advance

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