closed (ex_heartbrea412) wrote in component_help,

HELP NEEDED - NEW to LJ and Components!

Okay, many will probably say "go read the newbies page" or the tutorials, but I have already. It all seems like greek to me. I have managed to successfully shrink and center my components but here is what I want. Of course, I'm not going to take any graphics, but I *love* this style: prettyscribbles. I think it's amazing!

If someone could look at her layout and tell me what component tutorials I need to review to achieve the same layout that'd be awesome. Again, I'm not referring to the graphics, just the layout. I love the left side nav and the header and the way it's all put together. I also love those multi colored scrolling side boxes. Please someone help me out, I'm soooo new to this!

Please feel free to e-mail me the code if you have it ( I will change all of the graphics I just love the layout set up. Thanks!

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