the person your orthodox family warned you about. (amethyst_glass) wrote in component_help,
the person your orthodox family warned you about.

square components and their width

I'm making a layout with square coponents on both sides.
I wondered, is there a possibility to get some of my "default" components on the left side and not only the free text components? For example, to leave my profile component on the right, but to get my links component over on the left side?

Also, is there a possibility to add some links into the free text component?

And I have tried to make the components more slim with this tutorial, but it worked only for the components on the right... there also seems to be some sort of "line" behind the default userpic in the profile component, which doesn't let the components become more slim than the length of this line. Could this be removed?

My layer number is 5735141.

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