Love for Isla (sirenica) wrote in component_help,
Love for Isla

No side graphic, alignment or shrinking appearing in Firefox, also comment help

I may have looked this over but I searched very hard for the problem but didn't have much luck. My side graphic is not showing and the component itself isn't shrinked in Firefox, like it is in Internet Explorer. The component is suppose to be aligned to the left and the side graphic to the right as in IE. I used the tutorials correctly, so I'm not sure what I did wrong. If someone could point out a mistake in the code or some way to make this all visible in Firefox would be great.

Lastly, when you comment to my entries how do I have the comment page shrinked so it appears the same size as the entry itself? Or is that possible?

I would appreciate any help, thank you.

(for reference, my public layer:

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