the person your orthodox family warned you about. (amethyst_glass) wrote in component_help,
the person your orthodox family warned you about.

header and entries width/buttons/seamless components


I have noticed a strange thing: whenever I see my journal on a monitor with another solution that my own, the header image and the entries have a differenth width, while all of the other LJs with headers have same width of header and entries, no matter which screen resolution you have.
Is there some sort of codes to make the width of the header and the entries appear the same?

Also, is there a way to place the memadd, edit entry and tag buttons below the entry text, next to the comments? (I haven't found this in the tutorials and past entries...)

I've also tried the Seamless Components tutorial, but I'm really lost, cause it sometimes refers to parts I do not have in my codes. In such cases I often don't know whether I should simply add the code chunks or ignore them. :/ (Both doesn't work...)

My layer is 5735141.

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