You're such a sucker (barrelofthegun) wrote in component_help,
You're such a sucker

Entries & Components are stretched

I am a bad LJer and in my morning haze this morning deleted my entry from last night. So by request of the mod's here is my post again with uniquewonders brilliant reponse:

My layout used to be centered on my page so it was in line with my header, then one day it just started looking spread out and I can't seem to get it back to centered.

If someone could look at my theme layer and tell me whats wrong with it, I posted the ID at the top of the entry

uniquewonders reply was:

Stretching usually occurs when you have large images in your entries or your friends' entries, when you have a long thread of comment, when the Reply From is larger than your layout or sometimes when you have a long subject title without any blank space.

If this was due to images then you must implement scrollbars in your Customized Entries by setting the values of the .scrollentry class in function Page::print_custom_head (tutorial) or you must use image placeholders (see Viewing Options).

If this was due to a long thread of comments then you must implement the Comment Headers tutorial.

If this was due to the Reply Form then you must implement the Fixing the Reply Form tutorial.

The width of your layout also varies according to your screen resolution and sometimes your browser if you have set the width of your layout using a percentage rather than a number of pixels.

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