Jill (lilgeorgiawhore) wrote in component_help,

questions about profile, friends page and links

Solved! with the help of cookiegirlie

So I just recently switched to Component after using Flexible Squares for a long, long time, and thanks to the great tutorials at this site I've been able to really tweak and modify my journal. There are just three lil things that are kinda bugging me and I've gone through the memories section and searching and still can't find the answers, so hopefully someone here can help me out :-)

1) Is there a way to completely get rid of the User and Name part under my userpic in the profile section?

2) How do I center the user and community names under the individual userpics on my friends page?

3) Because the text color for links is the same as the text color for my entries, when I have links in entries, you can't tell unless you happen to run your mouse over the link and it is then underlined. So I'd like to only change the link colors for links that are actually in my entries, and leave the other links (such as the comments and nav bar) as they are.

My layer is here

Thanks in advance!!

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