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Voice posts, which part of my code is outdated?

FIXED! Thank you uniquewonders for pointing out my mistake.

I know outdated code is probably screwing up my friend's page when voice posts are made, so, I checked, and v4.0 seems to be the up to date version of customizing the entries, so that isn't it. Which other section of my code is most likely my culprit, and is there a known fix? I tried searching, and all that came up was the entry saying v4.0 would fix it. I'm not using smilies or anything, just customizing the entries, horizontal scroll bars, customizing the title bar, and a couple free text things.

layer code is: 5137932

ETA: Ok, I've gone through my code twice and can't figure it. Could it be part of my printing the entries function that is the culprit? If I have any functions in there twice will that cause the problem, because I have print entry what seems like three or maybe four times, ugh!

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