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quick question on $e.text (aka that horrible voice post jumble)

Edit: Solved! Thank y'all!

I know that """$e.text"""; is now superseded by $e->print_text(); however in my layer I'm passing the $e.text to a smiley processing function which itself prints the text. But print_text() looks like a function rather than a chunk of text, so I'm not entirely sure what's the best way to handle this. Have the print_smiley just pass its param back, and then call the above in the print_entry function? or pass something else to the print_smiley? Or add safeguards to the print_smiley so it skips over (or better yet, from my point of view, utterly suppresses) the voice post properly?

In fact, IS there a way to suppress the bloody damn things altogether? (Although I think I still need to update from the $e.text usage anyway.)

If you like you can look at it, it's in
but I warn you I've mostly completely rewritten my stuff so you won't find the expected canned sign posts for dropped in stuff. The critical parts are the print_entry nearly at the bottom where this call
actually prints the content, and the def'n of this function is
function MyVars::print_text_with_emoticons(string text)
where it goes thru and does the replacement and then prints.


No Fan of Voice Posts,

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