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Component and entries overlapping background in IE and Opera.

I did a new background last night and noticed today that the sidebar components are overlapping the bordered edge of my background. This doesn't happen in Firefox - only IE and Opera. The layer is viewable as #4477030. I have tried adjusting the percentage in the shrinking and centering code that I have but that isn't working. It appears to be the control panel code that's blowing it but only in IE and Opera.

Please advise how I can fix this - thanks so much!

Edited to add: It appears that the control panel doesn't appear in Seamonkey (version of Firefox, formally Mozilla Suite). How is this possible? *scratches head*

Edited again: The control panel is indeed not appearing in Firefox. Now how do I get that to appear and keep the border on my background visible?

Issue still not solved - but some can see the control panel in FF!

Resolution is 1280x960 and a screencap is here:

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