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Posting checklist

Use our checklist before posting:

  • Am I using Style System 2? Is my layout Component?

  • Am I a Early Adopter/S+/Paid/Permanent user or do I ask help for such an account (give its name then)?

  • Does my post have a meaningful title?

  • Is my post public/unlocked?

  • Have I explained my problem as precisely as possible?

  • If I need help with my code, are my layers viewable? Have I given their IDs?

  • If I have a question about a tutorial, have I provided a link to it?

  • If I mention a customization I've seen in someone's journal, have I given that person's username?

  • If I need to post code and/or screencaps, are they behind a lj-cut?

  • If the compiler won't compile my code, have I provided the error message it gave me?

A reminder:

  • No layout requests.

  • No asking where you can find layouts.

  • No asking for the same layout as thisguythatgirl.

  • No asking for help about a layout you got or bought from another community, website, etc.

Idea for checklist from everything_lj.
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