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How do I get rid of my stripey background?

I'm really in a bad mood right now. I keep asking for help in communities and no one seems to reply.
I'm having this problem with the background colour of my journal, I want it to be just ONE PLAIN COLOUR DAMMIT! But no matter what I do, (which is not a lot because I'm new to S2) I get these stupid bloody stripes. The background ends up striped with the entry background colour and it looks freakin stupid and I want to fix it but I don't know how! Go to my you see how I have a beige (which is the colour I want my background to be) and purple (which is the background colour for my entries) stripey background? I only want it to be BEIGE. But it always ends up stripey! Why does it do this?

Thankyou to all who helped!

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