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Component issues - SOLVED

Hi everyone, 

I have figured out most of what I want to do, I have added my control panel component, 3 tv, music and book components, and brought the components up to the same level as my header, all thanks to tutorials here. 

Now, I want to add a free text component for the layout, crediting my graphics and thanking the community. I have found the tutorials and it seems easy enough, and I know that I am doing it right, but no matter where I put the code in my layer, it doesn't show up. I have "free text" enabled and all of my other components are displaying but I can't seem to add another, normal one after my  M/B/TV component that I got from here: http://community.livejournal.com/component_help/927083.html

Can anyone help please? :D

EDIT: here is my layer: 6961466


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