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Minor Issues

I have two issues.. I tried looking for them in the community once again and haven't found anything that pertains to whats going on with my layout.

First problem I have is that my layout views fine in Internet Explorer, just that when I scroll to view friend entries it kinda gets stuck and it takes it awhile before I can scroll some more. Also on there some of the navigation links are missing. I don't know why or have any idea why this is an issue. In Mozilla Firefox (which I use all the time) everything views like it should and this includes the links. I am able to scroll in firefox without no problems.

Second problem I am having is that when you go to leave a comment the box you leave the comment in makes the layout look out of whack. I was wondering if there is something I can do to insure my layout keeps its shape even when you post a comment. This however does the same thing in firefox.

Here is a screen shot (the screen shot was taken in my firefox browser) of what I mean to help you out: The Screenshot

Thanks for any help you can provide. I really appreciate it!

[EDIT:] Navigational link issue SOLVED
Second Problem SOLVED

Thanks to uniquewonders for her assistance in helping with the above solved issues.

The only issue I have remaining is how to keep my page from sticking in Internet Explorer when I scroll.

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