fran (narflet) wrote in component_help,

a few customising questions

I've found this community very helpful, thank you. I've read entries, found code, looked at tutorials and got quite far along the line of making component look how I'd like it.

However, I have a few questions that I can't find answers too with looking...

1. How do I make it so the 'reply' box on the comments page looks like the rest of my journal? (the message/subject box backgrounds and the font etc...)

2. Is there a way of having a random background (like you may have a random userpic, or random quote...)

and lastly

3. with the overrides I am using at the moment this tutorial to set a welcome note just doesn't work. my other overrides seem to cancel it out.
a. is there a way to get a welcome note to work?
and if yes, b. can it stretch the width of the page?

any help on any of these would be great, thank you.

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