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Problems with removal of header. Corners left behind.

I am currently in the process of embedding a modified component layout into what will one day be my homepage. In order to fit it in with the homepage layout I decided to try getting rid of the headers and borders by removing the stylesheet, and then restoring the layout using HTML only.

Unfortunately, even though the stylesheet has been removed I still have 'remnant corners' where the title bar was, where the date bar is, and surrounding the navigation at the bottom of the entry.

I can not seem to find the code that is creating these corners, in fact they are still there even when I edited my code down to a bare five lines, just enough to print entries. I have tried everything, including making components the same colour as the background, to get rid of them. Nothing has worked.

The website isn't live yet, so I'm afraid I can't show people the problem. I hope I have explained it clearly enough. I was wondering if anyone had had a similar problem when embedding their own livejournals, and had found a solution.

Much appreciated.

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