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additonal component trouble w/ square+flat components - SOLVED

Alright, I'm in desperate need of help. For some reason, when I've tried to add additional components, the header of the components say "moo" and the content also says "moo". I'm assuming this was a default by whoever wrote the code, but the problem is, I cannot find wherever the hell this "moo" is, even when I just delete my additional components code. :\ Click on the link below to see what I'm talking about. -- NEVERMIND SOLVED! Thank you so much uniquewonders and cookiegirlie. I would have NEVER figured it out if I didn't have your help. XD

ANOTHER PROBLEM: whenever i try to add an image (ANYTHING really, other than text) in place of the content on the "moo" component part (for lack of better term), i always get errors. i DO have the additional component code added in my overrides and free text enabled, but the example stuff on that doesn't even show up, so it's not even doing anything for my layout.

i tried deleting the "moo" component stuff completely and just using additional component codes elsewhere in my overrides, but i always get errors with that as well.

what am i doing wrong?


Also, another question (thought not as big of a deal):

How do I get those stupid gray lines do go away? ;_; CAN I even make them go away, or am I stuck with their company?

ALL PROBLEMS SOLVED, thanks for the fantastic help. i really appreciate it.

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