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adding 'none' to the website area of the profile component

EDIT: SOLVED! thanks to both camomiletea and kunzite1.

I know I have been asking for help here alot, so I appreciate everyone who has helped me. ^^

But I was wondering, is there a way to put a placeholder in the profile component (i'm using the 'editing the profile' code) for people who don't add a website (while viewing someone else's journal in my style)?

Like: website: none

instead of just not having it there when the person didn't add a website?

the only profile parts I have enabled in this code are: user, name, and website. Nothing else.

Because after removing the table inside the profile to make it stop expanding, I ran into another problem when viewing other journals/communities in my style .. everything works fine if everyone has the 'website' field filled in, but if they don't, this happens:


Sure, I could add a BR under the name, but I already have a couple BR's under the website part to add space to the bottom, and adding an extra one would just make too much space both at the bottom and inbetween the name and the website (if it exists). So rather then trying to add more space, I thought it would be better to have a placeholder for people who didn't enter a website.

If that is possible, i'd appreciate it. =)

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