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how to Add text status to calendar monthday view and removing big space at top?

solved, thanks to uniquewonders!

Ok, so I mangaged to customize basically everything I wanted to my self, in the calendar month day view, except for two things (see screenshot if you don't know what page I mean):


I can't seem to remove the big space at the top that results from the post form function being at the top. I tried to move it to the bottom, and it worked, but the form would no longer work. So I had to keep it at the top. How would I move the form url to the bottom so it won't make a big space at the top, and still work when I use the button with the drop-down list?

Also, I want to change the security icons to text. I've tried to do it myself, but my PHP skills aren't that great, so I kept getting errors.

All I need to fix is these two things on the calendar, i'd appreciate any help. ^^;

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