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I was just looking at one of my entry pages without comments, and realized how silly it looked with a short entry, and all my components. So I decided I wanted to remove all but my navigation components (main navigation, and my links list which has all my friends' page filters listed). It was then I realized I'd have to code the profile component from scratch (which really wouldn't be hard, grab from the source, or pick up a tutorial from the community here) if I wanted to use a if/else statement to hide it on the comment page. While this might be easy enough to do, if I changed my user icon or name in my user info, I'd have to go in and manually change it. Both are things I'll do occasionally, and won't want to have to go in and change it in my growing layer for tweaking my journal., basically, does anyone know if there's a short command I can put into the if/else statement so that it'll automatically include the profile component on the pages I want it, and it can be left out if I don't want it? Like if recent page print profile component, else don't print profile component?

Thanks much!

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