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palimg problems

I had a perfect layout before, but I decided to remove the calendar. By doing this, I seemed to have lost my theme and user layers or something. I tried to redo it, but, now I have white corners instead of blue. I'm using the Bluetiful theme for component. I just wanted to add some css to my layout. Right now, my layout is not like the original bluetiful. My background is now white, when part of it should be gray. I have been reading all the tutorials, and I tried the palimg tutorial, but all I ended up with was a white theme with no blue in it! I'm also confused with whether I should use a user layer or a theme layer to put all my css stuff. I know a lot of this has been discussed, but I'm still pretty lost. If anyone could help me, I would appreciate it greatly. Here is my theme layer . I made it public. kunzite1 helped me last time by just giving me the layers and I copied and pasted into my layers. If anyone has the time or patience to help, I would be sooo grateful. Thanks a lot!

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