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Solved: Mood, Music Images

I've just used kunzite1's customizing the entries v4.0, but I only pasted into my code the part concerning the metadata because I really wanted to use the tags. I *think* I've managed to get rid of location because I really don't need it.

Anyway, what I want to do is use images instead of text before the Mood, Music and Tags. You know, a little heart and then the mood, a tune and then the music, etc. I've managed to place an image for the tags, but not for the mood and music because it appears to be that they are "currents", so when I added an image the same appeared for both mood and music. I'd like a heart for the mood and a tune for the music.

Any way of doing this? I'd really appreciate any type of help. :)

Layer ID: 7189743

EDIT: Solved! Thanks. :]

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