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Do I have to upgrade just to remove the 'track this' button?

!SOLVED! thanks for your help, guys! <3

Just wondering .. is there a way to remove the 'Track this' button without upgrading to the newest version of the CTE 4.0 tutorial? I have alot of customizations in my current version of CTE, and I don't really feel like doing it all over again just to remove a single button.

I looked in the entries below mine, and the only way I saw was to upgrade to the latest version of CTE. I don't feel like constantly re-doing my code everytime LJ adds a new button that isn't useful or needed. Of course, I have a backup of my layer, but that still means i'd have to take all the new stuff out and put all my old customizations back in.

Also, i've been looking for a way to remove the 'track this' button from my comments as well, but since I have a custom code that makes all my comment buttons into links, so i'd need a way to remove the 'track this' link instead. This code that was posted in this entry doesn't seem to work for me.

My viewable layer ID: #7075172

Any help is appreciated, thanks!

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