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Question about finding the code to set colors.

Solved... kind of.

I've had Component for a while, although I don't know much about customizing it. Following the advice in this tutorial, I'm putting my customizations in a user layer and my color theme in a theme layer. I've already tweaked my custom color theme using the interface LJ provides and now I want to copy what I have and put it in a theme layer.

I went the "Advanced" tab and clicked on "My Layers". One of the layers listed under Component is Auto-generated Customizations. However, I can't find the code to set the colors on my journal in that layer. I thought it was supposed to be there, but maybe I'm wrong. Does anybody know where I need to be looking?

LayerID: 3796715
Layer is publicly viewable.

Edit: I uploaded some pictures to show you guys what I'm talking about.
* My LJ with my Wizard-customized colors.
* Color theme "Jedi Cloak" listing in the Layer Browser, showing my Wizard-customized colors. (I don't know why my custom colors are showing up there, but I'm not that familiar with the Layer Browser; maybe they're supposed to.)
* The Wizard color customizing interface, showing my custom colors.
* The User layer automatically generated by the Wizard, showing only three of my custom colors: main_bgcolor, entry_link, and entry_link_visited.

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