Mare (bridgewalker) wrote in component_help,

Seeing Double (partially fixed-thank you!)

This is going to read like a wishlist (because it is), but I've got code eyes/head, and would very much appreciate your "fresh eyes" and code savvy. I've been through the archives, and have come up with bupkis.

I'm getting a double font in the "# comments/comment" on my entries (I thought it had something to do with the transparency, but it's not showing up on the comments section proper), same for my username and the text when I reply to a comment (but it clears when the reply is posted). fixed; switched from kunponent1; studied the shrinking and centering tut more thoroughly.

Also seeing bold-type "()" everywhere, in all entries, and at the end of the date/time (which also has the time listed twice)... how to remove both the () and the extra timestamp? (half fixed; the () is still there, but only appears in comments.

I have an image to go between the comments/comment links, and it's in my layout layer, but is not showing up; should I remove the "set_text" line for the divider in the layer?

And can someone tell me the code for FireFox, so that these browsers can see the transparency (I'd really like to keep it) ? EDIT: Transparency forfeited, but it was a fine tradeoff.

Layer IDs:
Layout: 7325892
User: 7326472

Have never been able to tackle the "spiffy date format", but one thing at a time. I know how much time it takes to get these exactly how we want them, so I really appreciate any help. I keep thinking it's something very "simple" that I missed, something left in or doubled, and I'm just not seeing it.

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