like a motherfucking stoner praetorius (stephanometra) wrote in component_help,
like a motherfucking stoner praetorius

[solved!] single-entry view minor annoyances

Let's look at a random entry, say this one.

1. How do I get rid of the box that says "Comments" that is between my entry component and the comment components? If getting rid of it is impossible, can I make it the full width of the entry component and change the text?

2. Similar problem: how do I make the box with the comment link at the bottom full-width?
The width thing is probably just a problem with Safari, which I won't worry about since I have a home computer again. :)

3. Is the "mass action" box at the very bottom hideable or customizable? I have never once in four years performed a mass action on any comments at all, and I am tired of looking at it. Solved! Thank you uniquewonders!

Layer is here if anyone wants to look at it. CTE 4.0, various other junk.

Thanks in advance if you know how to fix these little things or can point me towards the correct post in the archives. This community has never let me down yet. ♥

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