How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy (t3knomanser) wrote in component_help,
How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

A component lament...

I discovered something that makes me sad about component. I was sitting there, hacking around, and said to myself, "Hey! I want to force other journals to display in my style. As in, when I hit the comment link for an entry on my friends page, it displays in my style."

But wait... I can't force my journal style onto free accounts. However, it's seriously making me consider jumping to a free-user style, just so I can make LJ do that. So here's my question: would anyone be interested in setting up an "Open Component" style? Honestly, we've rewritten and upgraded almost every part of component in here. There's alot of good coders in here, and people have done some impressive reverse engineering. This allows us to get the same look and feel, but in an open source style.

My other question is: Do you think LiveJournal would have an issue with that? It would limit Component's appeal, though not remove it all- it is closed source because it uses special stuff that we won't have access to, right? The images will have to be redone, made somewhat differently lest we offend the copyright gods, but can LJ tell us we can't clone the style?

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