Albur Lily (albur) wrote in component_help,
Albur Lily

FireFox tampering with Journal width

This doesn't happen all the time. If I click 'Refresh' in my brower or my 'Recent Entries' link enough times, the page goes back to normal.

This doesn't happen in IE, and only occasionally happens on friends page.

The first screenshot shows you how the journal looks when it is 'playing nice'. The second shows you how the journal looks when it decides to distort itself.

1 - Free Image Hosting at

2 - Free Image Hosting at

My layer ID is 7745179 if you need it.

I have had a look in the memories and tutorials and although I have found a few things relating to stretched journals, I'm not convinced the apply to me since I don't have any large images or comments that would stretch the journal layout. And since it doesn't distort all the time, I've been left a little confused and thought I'd ask just to make sure.

Many Thanks in advance.


Thanks again, uniquewonders :)

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