Mr Stephens, Head of Catering (bexatious) wrote in component_help,
Mr Stephens, Head of Catering

white border around friends page userpics

Solved thanks to taylor_elle

Paid user, S2 Component, Layerid #7808704

I recently overhauled my entire layout using the CTE tutorial and a few other teeny ones. Everything is working perfectly apart from one thing:

The userpics on my friends page have a white border around them. I looked through the memories and did a search and the only thing I could find was a reference to change the border to 0 which I did (for all my borders as well). It hasn't made a difference.

On my recent entries page there is no border and on my old layout there was never a problem at all so I assume it is something in one of the friends page tutorials I copied. I honestly don't know which one and where though.


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