Love for Isla (sirenica) wrote in component_help,
Love for Isla

Trouble with header image!

I haven't worked with tweaking the component in a while so I've forgotten a few things. Right now, I can't seem to get the header image url I placed in the custom options to show. I placed a tiled background in my code which works, but I'm not sure where I should place the header image for it to appear.

My layer ID is 7919467 and the header image I want to appear above my entries is

I'm sorry if this is a stupid question! I just haven't been involved with S2 in a long time. Thanks, any help appreciated.

It's under print_custom_head

body { background-color: #00000 ;
background-image: url("")!important;
background-attachment: !important ;
background-repeat: repeat !important ;
background-position: top center !important ;
margin-top: 550px; margin-left: 0px !important ;
margin-right: 0px !important ;

scrollbar-face-color: #0f5969;
scrollbar-arrow-color: #83cf8e;
scrollbar-base-color: #530477;
scrollbar-shadow-color: #530477;
scrollbar-dark-shadow-color: #0f5969;
scrollbar-highlight-color: #530477;
scrollbar-3d-light-color: #000000;
img { border-width: 0px; *}



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