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Userpics/ Metadata/ Random Header questions - solved

I'm not new on lj, but it's been a while since I worked on a component layout.
I don't have Compile problem, I have showing problems.

Could someone help me to fix the following problems :
1 - the random userpic are not showing ... - I use  masterlacker code, from this post - solved

2 - The metadata don't show on the left of the mood icon - I use this code and also the one for the Cutsomizing the entry - solved

3 - Despite the fact that I past a code working on another layout I made, the header didn't show ? - For the shrinking of the layout I use this code - solved

4 - I deleted the Summary Function, and then don't know why, the Random Quotes and the Free text show up twice. - solved

5 - Put the code from the control panel into the layout ... didn't show. solved

6 - Spiffy date code messed ??? - solved

Request :  **puppy eyes**
1 - Can someone help me with the code for  'random header' -solved

2 - How can I change the icons form (look) from edit, track, tag, add to mem -- tested it, it works just fine.- solved

3 - How can I change the metadata text into icons? - solved

For 2 and 3 see HERE what would be great

Preview  and Code - Sorry If i'm a pain ... but thanks.

Thanks to kunzite1

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