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adding a header + making my layout have square borders

1. i've been struggling for a couple of hours now with the tutorial for adding a header to my current component layout. I don't quite know where to place the code to this header tutorial: If someone can let me know where to put this code, I'd appericate it so much. I've tried already several times to stick it on the top after the theme layer but i keep getting errors everytime.

2. is there anyway I can make my rounded corners on my component layout right now to become square ? Like hermasquerade has her layout ?
I'd also need to know where to put this code too as I'm awful with codes and not quite sure where to place them. finally got it!

thank you so much!

layer #: 7953513

how do i get rid of the annoying blue line around my default icon ?

ALL SOLVED!!!! THANK YOU TO runxway, elfwench, and uniquewonders. Thanks for all the help you guys! =)

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