Nitzan (obsess) wrote in component_help,

tiny question

ok, i set up my layout (link is here) and i tried tweaking with the comment links (comment, read comments), i got a little messed with it but eventually i managed to get it the way i like, except for the part where the link says "( # ) # read" - i'd like it to only say "( # ) < a href=" 123 ">read< /a>" without the number next to it linked, as i already have the number without a link.
does that make any sense? SOLVED
to get your comments link like ( 34 ) read / add, see comments :)

!! also, i've looked at many mini-calendar tutorials, but i still can't maange to get the little square cells smaller? the text gets smaller, but the actual squares are the same? i tried playing with padding and even nargin but nothing seems to happen? SOLVED!

layer ID is 7962366.

!! one more thing, i've seen tutorials on how to remove the border from your userpics next to your entries, but can i modify it? for example to be 3px and white? is that possible? SOLVED!

many thanks to uniquewonders!!! ♥

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