unique.wonders. (ex_uniquewo) wrote in component_help,

Dear readers,

A gentle reminder if I may.

As some of you may have noticed we do things a bit differently sometimes at component_help. One of those things is that we ask you to, please, not strike out your post once an issue has been solved. While striking it out makes it very clear that it is been solved, some posts are used as FAQs, others are found via the Search page, and people may have trouble reading through the strike you have added to your post. I know that striking out your post when solved is a common thing to do in many communities but it seems to us that the readability of old posts is much more important in the long term.

So, simply add the word 'Solved' in the subject line or next to the item that has been solved. Nothing more is required.

Thanks in advance. :)

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