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comment numbers and height of component header


I have two quick questions which i'm almost positive you guys can help me with because the other time I posted guys have been nothing less than so helpful. =) So thank You so much!

Anyways here are my two questions:

- how do i get my comment numbers to show up as numbers and not as a word ? I'm not sure on what to put in the theme layer ? Here is an example lelemusso see how her's has numbers on the amount of people who have commented while mine says 'commented' do i fix it so that i see just numbers ? I tried leaving it blank but then it disabled the whole commenting system.

-secondly where in my code does it allow for me to move up my component layout so that it's closer my header ?

Sounds easy but for the life of me...i can't seem to figure it out.
Thank you To anyone who is willing to help out =)

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