Abby (abigeiru) wrote in component_help,

Imbedded content and styling entries

I received a lot of great help here in the past, and I was able to transplant the layer I created a long time ago to my new journal. I have some questions, though, and I can't seem to figure them out. o_o;

First, my journal seems to be very hostile to imbedded Youtube videos. Whenever my friends post one, it shows up as a large blank space on my friend's page. I'm also having trouble with Twitter. I tried to use the code they provide to embed a little widget into a free text component (I tested it in a post first, though)

That ended up being displayed as "bad video link" when I previewed the post.

My second question involves my entry font. I'd like to make it smaller and maybe change the font face. How would I do that without impacting the rest of my journal, particularly my component links? If I use the user layer to make the change to the font size, it makes the links in my components all jagged and too small. I'd also like to change the color of hyperlinks in my posts without affecting my component links. I like having the component links black, but having all my links black makes it impossible to distinguish them from plaintext in my entries.

My layerid is 7870378, and it should be visible. Thank you~ ♥

Edit: Err, right, the Twitter code rendered as it does above. How would I disable it so that everyone can see the code?

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