Albur Lily (albur) wrote in component_help,
Albur Lily

Box around metadata (again)

I've posted a question like this before, but this time I want to incorporate it in to a different set of layout codes. I'll use more or less the same blurb here as I used before on my last post regarding metadata:

I want to put a box around my meta data. I've taken a look at this tutorial, and I've tried following that, but although I got no compile errors, there was no difference to the metadata. Also, I can't really follow it because of the amount of codes I already have in
my theme layer.

I was hoping someone could look at my codes and tell me just where exactly I put the meta-data code in to my own codes.

I don't want the look of the journal to change except for the metadata.

I tried using the codes uniquewonders originally gave me, but I think she made them specific for my last codes and therefore, they didn't work for my new codes. Help?

As always, many thanks in advance. SOLVED- Thank you.

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