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I figured out, finally, how to colorize the forms in my journal. Stupidly simple, but in case somebody else wants to know...

.textbox {
font-family: Georgia, "Times New Roman", Times, serif;
background-color: #B6BDBE;

With of course the font and background the color you want. :)

And now a question. I don't remember whose journal I saw it in, but they had a component with a list of their current mp3 playlist. I'm curious to see if that's something they just hard-coded, or if can be pulled from somewhere. Any ideas? Perhaps that audioscrobbler thing that I know t3kno is playing with will work...

OH! And can somebody please tell me how I can fix these steenking corners on my entries? The component-curve gif isn't pulling the right colors or something, because I'm overriding the stylesheet. I got it right on my components and header, but not on my entries. Argh!

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