Calysto du Masque (calysto) wrote in component_help,
Calysto du Masque

SOLVED - vertical centering of top nav bar w/ rounded ends

First, thank you all, you've been invaluable. The archive of tips and code here is amazing. Also, thank you to all of you who've answered my questions. Unfortunately I don't have a dime at the moment so I can't promise a virtual gift, but if you're bored and you'd like to answer a question:

I rounded the corners of my top navigation bar using [this code]. It worked perfectly. Except, the text is aligned towards the top. It would look better if it were centered vertically. Anyone know how to do that?

I've tried using valign but either it's not the solution or I've been using it with the wrong TR tags.

My journal is [here] (see the top text too high?) and my code is [here]

Again, thank you all. You rock :)

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