Goss (gossymer) wrote in component_help,

Various CSS issues (and fixing them without layers)

I'm making a Component layout for sharing - however, since I'd like it to work for plus, permanent and paid members, I'm only using the CSS stylesheet.

The Layout

I didn't find this community until after I figured out most of my problems. However, there are still a few issues remaining:

[#04] I can't seem to change the border and padding around userpics on the friends' page
[#06] Can I change the border and background of the buttons for memory, edit etc. ?
[#07] On the calendar view, months are displayed two by two - can I place each month bellow each other, and aligned center?

[#01] The biggest issue, in my opinion: Large images on entries can cause the whole layout to stretch - could I use .scrollentry or div.scrollentry to have a scrollbar appear inside the individual entry instead? Or better yet, allow the oversized image/table/whatever to go out of bounds without effecting the actual layout... (the page linked just above has a big table for icons that won't show up on 800x600 resolution screen without ending up with a scrollbar)SOLVED - figured out something on my own
[#02] I'd like to get rid of the padding/indent for the tags list component (the one displayed on the right)- SOLVED
[#03] Also, what element do I change to make the tags list component of a fixed height with a vertical scrollbar SOLVED
[#05] I'd like to change the formatting of links for the individual entry page summary (currently its yellow) IMPOSSIBLE?

I would appreciate any help at all for any of the issues above - never used S2 component before but I really would like it to work...

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