Albur Lily (albur) wrote in component_help,
Albur Lily

Small things that I can't fix...

I've been trying to change a couple of things for about two hours now to no avail. These are very small problems and I can only assume that I've overlooked a tutorial or memory, but:

- I want to make the border around user pictures thicker. Where abouts in my code can I do that?

- Although I've tried editing the padding and a few other figures, I can't seem to be able to 'shunt' my components down. What I mean is, I would like a very large gap between the top of the page and where my entries and components start. What part of my code should I edit?

- I've also noticed that the width of my friends page isn't the same as my recent entry page: can anyone figure out why?

My layout ID is #8579100. I'm sorry for the mundane questions, but since I've been messing with this thing for a while now, my brain has begun to turn to mush!

SOLVED - Thanks as always, uniquewonders.
Tags: /topic-entry: userpic, /topic-layout: borders, /topic-layout: width, status: closed

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