Tara (ainabarad) wrote in component_help,

Simple Problem: Vertically Aligning the Date

The security icons on my entries are perfectly centered vertically, but I can't get the date to be centered vertically.

I highlighted the text of the date and entry icon so you can better see what I'm talking about. If you look closely at the picture you can see the date is not vertically aligned to the middle. I want it to be vertically centered like the security icon. My goal is for it to look like this instead:

I tried adding vertical-align: middle !important; to the .entryDate CSS, but it doesn't change anything. BTW, I tried padding-bottom: 4px; as well and it didn't work for vertical alignment either as it just moved the text and the icon up 2px (making the text vertically aligned, but screwed up the vertical alignment on the security icon).

Any help with this is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
Tags: /topic-entry: date, /topic-entry: header

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