Jeana (silentxdesires) wrote in component_help,

Tags List Not Showing Up

I have been working on this layout for about 6 hours now, trying to get it the way I want it to look. silentxdesires

I tried to get the tags into a drop down box...but it gave me errors.
So I decided to try making my tags appear with commas, per this tutorial ....

It compiled fine with no errors (which made me happy), but my tags list isn't showing up. I have it set to show in my Custom Options...I don't know what else I should do or what I missed while working on this.

Here is my Raw Source Code
And this is my layer 8623361

Any help or advice would be appreciated. This is my first time attempting to code this by myself and I'm proud I got this far, but my hair is about to be yanked out.

Tags: /topic-component: free text, status: closed

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