sanders (sandersyager) wrote in component_help,

Mini Icons & Nav Bar Placement, Nav Bar Width, Borders

EDIT: Solved.

I have a handful of questions:
1. I'd like to move my mini icons to beneath my icon rather than between it and the entries. Is this possible? I've looked at the CTE tutorial and understand that it's possible to use it to move the buttons next to the comment links, but I'm not sure how to get them where I want them.

2. I'd like the nav bar to be placed beneath my title component, above the entries. Would the customizing title and adding new components beneath tutorial allow me to do this, and how do I tweak that code to make it happen?

3. My nav bar is continuing to display wider than my entries, despite using the latest update of S&C. How can I correct it?

4. I've edited the width of the border around my user pics through sheer dumb luck and an FAQ tweak. How can I get the borders around my entries and nav bar to match?

This is the theme layer I'm using.

This shows my current style.

Thanks for any advice you can provide.

Tags: /topic-component: title, /topic-entry: linkbar, /topic-layout: borders, /topic-nav bar: top, status: closed

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