moonkisu (moonkisu) wrote in component_help,

Removing the icon code when user doesn't have an icon?

solved, thanks to uniquewonders ;)

This might be a odd request, but is there anyway to remove the icon code when a user chooses to not use an icon? because I've chosen to have a border around all icons, and rather then remove the border (which I know would eliminate the empty border, I still prefer a border), but the problem is, when a user doesn't have an icon, you're left with a empty border, and it looks kinda unslightly:

i'd like to impliment a code that when a user has chosen not to use an icon (both in comments and friends pages), that that whole image code will be removed and just the user/community name would remain. Is that possible/hard to do?

My visible layer ID is #7075172. I will greatly appreciate any help. ;)

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