Rosie (tbncirce) wrote in component_help,

horizontal scrolling entries with cte 4.0 - solved

I can't seem to make this work and it is driving me crazy.

This is my theme layer: 8914903

This is my style: 17359144

I want individual entries to have horizontal scroll bars when the entry is too wide. I *think* I should be able to do this somehow by messing with the .scrollentry attributes in function Page::print_custom_head(), but nothing I do in that section seems to have any effect whatsoever on my layout, including making the width and height attributes 10px each (I realize that that would never work in a layout.. I was just going to extremes to try to see an effect).

Thanks in advance for any help. I imagine the solution is something embarrassing like a missing semicolon... but I have been struggling with this all day long and I would really like to fix it so I can get on with the work I should *actually* be doing.

Edit: this was solved by changing

/* you may wish to alter these values to suit your layout's needs. you can also use pixels (e.g. 450px) */


/* edit the width and height values to suit your needs */
/* you can use pixels instead of percentages */
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