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use_shared_pic isn't working

I've just been putting the finishing touches on the community timecocktiem (it is safe for work at the moment), and everything is spectacular, due to your wonderful tutorials. However, there is one problem.

I would like all the posts to the community use the community userpic, not the individual poster's userpic. I set it that way in the wizard, but it's not working. I double checked in the user layer, but use_shared_pic is indeed set to true.

So, I'm wondering if maybe a conflict in my theme layer is preventing it from showing properly. I'm using a mix of tutorials (shrinking and centering, editing the profile, square components, part of seamless layout, page summary, comments), so pardon me if my code is a bit of a mess.

My layer is #8947200.

Thanks very much in advance to anyone who can help me!
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