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adding favicon

Hi! I followed the tutorial in s2howto to add a favicon to john_simm and pasted the proper code into a new theme layer, which had no effect.

However when I followed your instructions to create a new style for the theme layer and chose that style, I DID get the favicon, but the LJ itself went back to a default style.

Is there any way I can combine the favicon code and the current customizations? (the only "custom css" I have is for a background image at the top, and moving down the top so that it shows--the other customizations were choices made in the various Customize Journal tabs.)

I'm confused about which "layer" to make visible to you. The only theme layer I had is the one I made that didn't work, until I turned it into a style, which killed off my original style. Should I make all the user layers visible?

Anyway, here's the theme layer for the favicon:

my style:

Thank you so, so much for any help--even if you have to say: "It's impossible!"
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